The expansion of the operations of a business into the international market, which encompasses stages from importation and exportation of products to production of products and provision of services abroad, is not a simple process.

Unlike companies operating in the domestic market along, entities that choose to go international face several challenges in the internal and external environments of the organization, in addition to facing uncertainties relative to exchange rate fluctuations, socio-cultural differences, geopolitical questions and logistical aspects.

Therefore, both the planning and implementation of the internationalization of a company must be carried out in a very structured and robust manner, both relative to the process itself, but also relative to corporate governance aspects, i.e., governance and management of the business.

In an ever more dynamic and complex world, full of uncertainty, the success of the globalization strategy of a company is the result of good mapping of the broader scenario and of appropriate addressing of various questions pertaining to demands, risks and opportunities that are inherent to entering new markets.

When well-structured and properly executed, the internationalization strategy provides a great contribution to creating value, to market diversification and to creating a competitive edge to the business.

How we support your company

We provide guidance and support in establishing governance in the corporate and managerial environments, we implement processes and methodologies for studying, planning, executing and monitoring the organization’s internationalization long-term strategy, always paying attention to the cultural and regulatory aspects of the countries in question.

To establish firm foundations for the company’s globalization journey, we facilitate the internationalization process, working on fronts such as ESG, LGPD (Personal Data Protection and Privacy), Innovation and “Going Digital”, among others.